Saturday, June 23, 2007

Watercolor and Ink-prints available

"The Big Bad Wolf"
8" x 10"

11" x 15"

"Eat Spinach, Do Great Things"
10" x 16"

"High Levels of Stress Can Cause Premature Baldness"
11" x 15"

"Someone To Relate To"
9" x 12"

"Sunny Day Blues"
11" x 15"

"The Morning Harvest"
11" x 15"


Anonymous said...

Hi Graham,
I feel in love with and was very affected by your work in Baton Rouge. I just checked out your site and it looks great. I wanted to know what watercolor and ink-prints you have available. Unfortunately as with all scanning and reproducing the site doesn’t do the colors or subtle qualities of your stuff justice. People should get a chance to view them up-close. I would love to talk with you about what you are working on now and some galleries in LA.
Your new fan,

Grahamf said...

Jessica, and anyone else leaving comments, I would like to get in touch with you but I have no way because you signed in as anonymous. In the future e-mail me at

Mic said...

More christmas Bradley.

mattnaustin said...

Someone to relate to and sunny day blues, completely awesome and perfect...I have nose, it is perfect. Really your art is brilliant....Matteo

mattnaustin said...

are those two still for sale by chance?