Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New limited edition, hand embellished prints

I am releasing a new limited edition, hand metal-leafed print this Friday the 10th.  The edition is only 50 strong and each piece is signed, titled and numbered as well as being hand leafed so each one is unique.

There will only be 10 or 15 available on line starting at noon (12 pm CST) on Friday on my Etsy shop.  The rest will be available at my opening at the Austin Art Garage that evening, Fables 2.  Come swing by if you are in the Austin area!


Lynne Franciose said...

Very beautiful Graham!! I can't wait for Friday! Have a blast at your show - wish I could be there.
x o mom

Limited edition prints said...

What an art.hard to find a word to describe the art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham,
Joe loved the print we gave him.
Laurie and Marlin

Yvonne Banham said...

absolutely gorgeous work!!

Yvonne Banham said...

absolutely gorgeous work!!